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Name:Don't be alarmed. He's mostly unarmed.

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Don't Panic.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Where is that, you might ask? Well, we like to call this lovely island Atlantis. It's our home, and now, it's your home too! What's that? You want to leave? Sorry, Jim. I'm afraid you can't do that right now. See, Atlantis is a tricky place. People come and go, but never by choice. The harder you try to leave- well- Let's just say it isn't wise to poke at what you don't understand. But I'm sure you will discover more of that on your own time. For now, why don't you make yourself feel at home? There are plenty of lovely and not at all suspiciously empty homes on Atlantis. The population really has suffered in the last few centuries. Why don't you wander around and explore? I'm sure you'll find something to help you pass the time. Perhaps you'd like to join The Flying Squids over at Atlas High School? Or maybe you'll find a job, open up a shop, or become an explorer of the underground caverns that make our island seem like it's built on swiss cheese. That's up to you, we won't stop you. Just try not to stray too far out to sea. We wouldn't want the falls to take you over the edge, now would we?


A city lost from time and space, half deserted but definitely inhabited, by people from all times and worlds. No one knows how you end up in Atlantis or why, nor can they explain the mysterious disappearances that happen now and again, but they do manage to live in relative peace, here in their great city. If you didn't have a phone or laptop on you when you arrived, you can pick one up at one of the stores in the city's center. What, you thought they didn't have power in Atlantis? It is one of the most advanced cities ever built. You didn't think they'd sit on their thumbs just because their island got lost, did you?

Settle in and enjoy your stay. Who knows how long you might be stuck here?

There are no applications. Atlantis is a player-driven musebox.

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